BIENALSUR 2019 - Versión Inglés

Diana B. Wechsler (ed.)

MUNTREF | eBook / Papel


For we believe that art activates imagination and the manner in which we see and think about the world we live in, BIENALSUR builds a community that upholds the right to culture with the conviction that it can visibilize other rights. Hence, one of the main goals of our project is the inclusion of new players and the incorporation of new audiences by inviting them to reflect through images and aesthetic experiences.

Artists, curators and institutions from all over the world join forces to step up actions, meet contemporary challenges and imagine possible futures. The aim is to establish a global network of associative collaboration that transcends distances and borders–both real and symbolic–, and upholds singularity in diversity.

In the manner of a log book, this publication gathers the projects and actions of the 2019 edition of BIENALSUR: the voices of artists and curators mark the rhythm of the reading, while the encounter with the images enables the exploration of the various curatorial axes.

With its own cartography, a specific territory and itinerary, BIENALSUR reaches out to an extended South that brings together artists and curators from the five continents. The KM 0 of the map is MUNTREF in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from which it spreads in all directions redesigning circuits, dialogues and interactions from decentralized perspectives.


Formato: PDF interactivo

Editorial: EDUNTREF

Edición: 2019

ISBN-e 978-987-8359-36-6



Formato: 19 x 23 cm

Páginas: 440

Editorial: EDUNTREF

Edición: 2020

ISBN 978-987-8359-33-5